About The Band

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Based in Glasgow, we are a Scottish indie rock band giving top hits since 2002. Over the last 16 years, the band has been distinguished as one of the stylish post-punk revival mobs, acquiring an honorable stand in several UK top 20 hits. While the band has gained two Brit Awards, it has been nominated for many Grammy Awards.


Bob Hardy

Bass guitar

Alex Kapranos

Lead vocals, guitar

Paul Thomson

Drums, percussion, backing vocals

Dino Bardot

Guitar, backing vocals since 2017

our band members

  • Bob Hardy: Bass guitar
  • Alex Kapranos: Lead vocals, guitar
  • Paul Thomson: Drums, percussion, backing vocals
  • Dino Bardot: Guitar, backing vocals since 2017
  • Julian Corrie: Keyboards, synthesizer, guitar, backing vocals since 2017